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About Us

We're a team of two! We work in the fields of design (Daniel) and accounting (Arim) and started this side-project/business as an excuse to design outside of the work environment. Here we share our process, ideas, and sometimes even products that make it all the way through the design/testing gauntlet.

When we produce something we feel is exciting and unique it will probably find its way on to the store page. If it's a high-cost production item, we'll open a limited pre-order or an ongoing made-2-order so we'll only make as many extras as anyone else wants to grab up. And if it's a snazzy new item we can produce in-house, we'll run batches for immediate swooping.

We're not a big company with manufacturing connections, offices, or even a retail store location, and we're not trying to be. We're here to have fun creating new concepts and share our findings and successes. Whether you're here to pick up one of our creations from the store, or check out what all we've been working on lately, it's simply going to be another awesome day in the studio.

The Story

While still an undergrad at the UW, company founder/owner Daniel Patten was introduced to kendama by his buddy Adam with a jumbo Sunrise he'd borrow on the weekends. Playing and sharing the game got people asking if he made these things himself. He hadn't so far. So why not? With some previous experience in woodworking and turning, kendama design/crafting and experimenting was the obvious next step as a student of industrial design.

Sharing his hardwood kendama creations/adventures online with buddies got some attention and made some new friends. After turning a bunch of kendama customs he decided to design a carrier. Something to make packing the ken to campus fun for him and anyone who saw it hanging off his pack. This was the prototype MK1 Kendama Helmet Carrier. Folks local and abroad found the photos from his portfolio site through Google and even more friends were made.

In his senior year of the Industrial Design program at the UW in 2014, Daniel took an open-topic project opportunity to focus on kendama. After putting in the time researching and testing in the studio, at events, and in the workshop, the precursor to the kendama of Project Vii were created. But it was the messages and emails of interest, excitement and questions like "Where can I get one of these?" from the kendama community that helped inspire a design project into a production. Side Seven Studio was started, the project was further refined and the first release was announced. We are here today because we have a common passion of trying new and exciting things and that is what we will continue to do.