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Satellite up for Tama Orbit! Posted on 31 Jan 17:59

SLS offers me a way to combine freedom of expressive forms with control over weight and structure in variations you can't make happen on a wood lathe or CNC mill.

Video: P O Vii - dama walk Posted on 02 Apr 09:05

A February day spent walking in the park. It's good to be outside. Short chill video playing some of my own kendama while the sun was out.

SLS = Selective Laser Sintering Posted on 28 Jan 21:26

Printing via SLS is more expensive per kendama than buying plastic filament and a personal-sized 3D printer, but the added value in performance and appearance speaks for itself.

Announcing Project Vii Posted on 11 Jan 16:17

The goal of Project Vii is to reach beyond the normal and bring into reality something new, fun, and exciting. With this project we look to innovate on and challenge accepted ideas of what currently is ...

Prototype: Precursor to Project Vii Posted on 11 Jan 16:14

These kens almost didn't happen. If not for the guidance of professors, peers and visiting designers, these concepts would not have made it into the project scope in time for the show ...

Prototype: MK1 Kendama Helmet Carrier Posted on 31 Dec 14:14

The Kendama MK1 Helmet Carriers was the result of a two week think-it-and-make-it Industrial Design course project at the UW ...