Prototype: MK1 Kendama Helmet Carrier Posted on 31 Dec 14:14

Kendama Helmet Carrier Prototypes

Prototype: Kendama MK1 Helmet Carrier

We bring kendama everywhere we go because there's always time to take 5 and practice that new trick you just landed or try for one more rotation. We jam it in a pocket, sling it over our heads, toss 'em in our bag, or pop it in a carrier. Just like our wallet (or purse), keys, cell phone, ukulele, or jet-pack, we don't forget to check it off the list as we jump out the door and at the new day. The kendama has become a part of our daily life and carrying it can be almost as fun as playing it.

It was back at the start of 2013. The Kendama MK1 Helmet Carriers was the result of a two week think-it-and-make-it Industrial Design course project at the UW. We'd get used to designing molds, working with the CNC mill and producing a working prototype of our concept, whatever it may be. It was a rad experience and a great chance to begin our love of designing for kendama.

Heat-formed plastic is the stuff of stormtrooper armor. Kendama already look like little dudes. We wanted to sling up our kens and have fun with this concept of armoring them for the expeditions of the day. After some time sketching, modeling, testing and rushing to class for the delivery day, we brought the MK1 carriers to life. Later we took one with us to the Emerald City Comic Con, on a couple road trips and hikes, sent one off to the east coast for family to try out with great results.

It's been a great run for the prototypes, but we're moving forward and the MK1s are coming back into the studio project room for a revamp and release later this year 2015. We are so stoked to be working on these guys again!

Donning the Kendama Carrier Helm
Wearing the Prototype Kendama Carrier
Riding with the Kendama Carrier Prototype