Prototype MK1 Helmet Carrier

Concept on the move.

MK1 Kendama Helmet Carrier Design

Crafted The Hidden Stringway

Encasing the string.

Kendama Stringway Crafted Kens

Announcing Project Vii - First Wave

Super-limited preorders open February 7th.

Provect Vii Designed Kendamas

Prototype Concept Refinement

One step before the Project Vii kendama.

Kendama Design Project 2014

Crafted 12-Crossed Lamination

Plan, cut, glue, and turn.

45 Degree Walnut on Maple Tama

Tora Tama Process Posted on 06 Mar 21:59

You need some pretty sharp angles. Sharp 15ยบ angles. So sharp you could cut yourself just looking at them carelessly! Maybe not that sharp.

Orbiter Tama Process Posted on 18 Dec 18:58

2016 is nearly done, but I had time to push through one last project before 2017 arrives. A little talk about what went into the Orbiter tama design.

Satellite up for Tama Orbit! Posted on 31 Jan 17:59

SLS offers me a way to combine freedom of expressive forms with control over weight and structure in variations you can't make happen on a wood lathe or CNC mill.

New Year, New 12X Batches Posted on 19 Jan 22:06

Adjusting to the new diggs and the new workshop is going great. It may still be January as I write this, but 2016 will be an excellent year in the studio!