Prototype MK1 Helmet Carrier

Concept on the move.

MK1 Kendama Helmet Carrier Design

Crafted The Hidden Stringway

Encasing the string.

Kendama Stringway Crafted Kens

Announcing Project Vii - First Wave

Super-limited preorders open February 7th.

Provect Vii Designed Kendamas

Prototype Concept Refinement

One step before the Project Vii kendama.

Kendama Design Project 2014

Crafted 12-Crossed Lamination

Plan, cut, glue, and turn.

45 Degree Walnut on Maple Tama

Orbiter Tama Process Posted on 18 Dec 18:58

2016 is nearly done, but I had time to push through one last project before 2017 arrives. A little talk about what went into the Orbiter tama design.

Satellite up for Tama Orbit! Posted on 31 Jan 17:59

SLS offers me a way to combine freedom of expressive forms with control over weight and structure in variations you can't make happen on a wood lathe or CNC mill.

New Year, New 12X Batches Posted on 19 Jan 22:06

Adjusting to the new diggs and the new workshop is going great. It may still be January as I write this, but 2016 will be an excellent year in the studio!

12X Tama - Padauk/Yellow Posted on 20 May 22:25

Sunlight streaming through the windows, spicy exotic wood dust filling the air and the blare of a great playlist accompanying the buzz, clack and chatter in the workshop.